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Celebrity Wedding dresses

What We Loved About Celebrity Wedding Dresses – Picking our Top 10!

What’s not to like about these celebrity wedding dresses? Whenever there is probable news about Bollywood stars getting hitched, we remain glued to our phones, waiting for the pictures to drop! At Femica, we love the wedding dress of celebrities. Ever since Anushka Sharma’s wedding to Virat Kohli took place in 2017, we have looked, and we have hunted, and we have scoured shops for her gorgeous wedding dress. After a long search, here is the curated list of our top 10 favourite elements from celebrity wedding dresses

1. Way To Go with Minimal

bollywood stars

Alia Bhatt’s wedding to Ranbir Kapoor was not the only thing talked about in 2022. As soon as the pictures went public, people were in awe of the couple’s decision to go minimal in their clothes for D-Day. 

2. Satlada Haar For the Win

wedding dress of celebrities

South Indian actress Nayanthara dazzled at her wedding with an all-red ensemble. What made her wedding outfit stand out was the combination of cascading necklaces in diamond and emerald that she paired with the red sari, one of them a Satlada diamond.

3. Customized Dupattas are Here to Stay

 celebrity wedding dresses

Deepika Padukone married Ranveer Singh in 2018 in two ceremonies. Although we loved her in both outfits, we were mesmerized by her unique red lehenga for the Sindhi wedding. Deepika completed her gorgeous look with a customized dupatta embroidered with the words ‘Sada Saubhagyawati Bhava,’ meaning ‘may you always be lucky as a married woman.’

4. Go Big (Veil) or Go Home

Priyanka chopra

Ralph Lauren customized Priyanka Chopra’s white wedding gown. The lavish gown was accompanied by one of the longest veils on a wedding gown ever, and the heads that turned were not limited to the people present in the palace venue. Now that’s a way to make a statement, Priyanka!

5. Customized Kaleeras that Scream ‘Pyaar.’

wedding celebration

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s wedding may be hush-hush, but her wedding dress certainly wasn’t. Katrina had 6-7 doves in her accessory, with words like ‘Aum’ and messages from the Bible engraved on each disc in the kaleera.

6. Fuchsia Pink and a Dash of Rose Gold

The entire wedding of Anushka and Virat was as dreamy as the pictures, but it was also the first time a celebrity bride had donned a pastel lehenga. Customized by Sabyasachi, Anushka’s fuchsia pink dress with rose gold jewellery set off a lasting trend of pastel-themed weddings across India.

 my celebrity dream wedding

7. Go Boho For Your Additional Functions

In the case of Anushka Sharma and Shibani Dandekar’s mehndi ceremonies, the brides decided to ditch the traditional green outfits and choose colourful, happy clothes that brought out their personalities. The guests were encouraged to do the same, and the ceremony became timeless for all the attendees.

virat kohli anushka sharma


8. Going Traditional – The Right Way

Most celebrity brides tend to conduct multiple weddings or functions, and at least in one of these weddings, she and the groom do their traditional wedding attire, ditching all trends and talks. Note to be taken that all these traditional outfits look beautiful, too! Use Femica haircare products for the perfect look on your big day!

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9. Sari, Not Sorry!

Wedding season

Take it from Yami Gautam— you can never go wrong with a sari! A traditional silk sari in red and gold with complementing gold jewellery will not only complete your look but also create a simple, elegant bride staple.

10. Playing with Elements Like You Mean it

big fat indian wedding

Take it from Rhea Kapoor, and experiment with your outfit. What if you come up with the cape-dupatta or the bejeweled veil? This fashion designer complemented her neutral wedding sari with elements that stand out in the crowd.


1. What dressing methods should I consider for my celebrity dream wedding?

Be it as colourful as Deepika’s mehndi or as simple as Alia’s ceremony, Femica suggests that you look through the wedding dress of celebrities, choose a theme and sit with it. Discuss with your better half and your families so you can follow your dressing theme for each function of the celebrity dream wedding you have fancied for years!

2. How long before my wedding celebration should I buy my wedding dress?

Femica suggests you buy your dress a minimum of 6 months before your wedding celebration and get it tailor-fit as soon as you buy it. Do a re-fitting around 4-5 days before the wedding to confirm your size. Brides tend to lose some weight and inches in the days leading up to the wedding.

3. How do I match my skin tone with my bridal wear?

Femica suggests that you forget your skin colour and focus on your undertone. Look at Bollywood stars, for example. If you have a warm undertone, soft shades like pastels, light pink, and light green will work best for you. If you have a cool undertone, try to go for brighter and bolder colours like red, orange, and yellow. Then you can pair them with the right Femica skincare products  and Femica makeup products for a complete look!

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