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Beard grooming tips

Handy Guidelines for Grooming Your Beard Before the Big Day

Dear grooms, why should brides have all the fun and look pretty?

While the bride schedules her endless self-pampering routines and fills her carts with tons of Femica Makeup Products in advance to look as gorgeous as ever for the big day, what does the Indian groom do? They run numerous errands and do everything but find time for grooming.

 wedding day

 That’s the notion. But in reality, from facial hair grooming to a mani-pedi and other indulgent treatments, men need them too. Even the name suggests it!

Listen up, all the indian grooms in the house! You can easily leave other preparations to your family and friends. But leaving the pre-grooming session? A big NO! especially when it comes to grooming your stubble.

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Top Grooming Tips for Wearing a Beard to Your Wedding

For most grooms-to-be, a shower and a shave are everything they do to push the boat out on their big day. But there is no denying that everyone wants to look and feel suave for their wedding, and whiskers are the best way to take your wedding look up a notch.

After all, along with your bride, all eyes will be on you too. So, put aside your duties for some time and get ready to wear a perfect beard on your wedding day.

1. Starting with a Shave

Women will go and have their hair and makeup done professionally using Femica Makeup Products and Femica Haircare Products. Similarly, men should seek professional grooming too. Shaving your stubble for a precise cut or trim at home is not wise. It is your wedding day, too, after all. 

beard look

Your facial hair cut is not something you can mess around with. You can shave a wrong cut out, but it won’t be the best beard look. Seek out the services of a pro to shave and style your stubble beard the way you want. 

2. Moisturise that Beard, Guys!

If a beard is part of your everyday look, keep it— only make sure it’s properly taken care of. A scruffy look might work on other days but not on your wedding day

Just like you condition your hair with Femica haircare selections, you also need a good moisturiser for your face bristles to make you feel fresh and look put together. It’s even more critical for the winter season. 

beard look for men

Guys, you will get hooked on this idea once you include it in your routine. Pick the right product from an array of Femica skincare products, and there you go. Boom! Smooth, velvety-soft facial hair is this easy to get.

3. Oiling the Beard Goes a Long Way

Have you never invested in a beard oil before? It’s high time you do it now. Stubble oil for a messy and patchy beard is a must-try. Good-quality oil from Femica for facial hair helps stimulate growth and makes your facial hair look softer and shinier.

 If you want to know how to grow a beard faster, start using a nourishing facial hair oil from Femica a few months before the big day. You will start noticing the difference once you try it. [wp-shopify-product id=”7600145760507″]

4. Comb it Right

One of the most convenient yet overlooked tips for beard care is combing. Maintain your facial hair with a bristle brush to get a clean and dapper beard look for men. Combing your facial hair regularly removes pesky tangles and allows the hair to grow in a well-structured manner. [wp-shopify-product id=”6707697057989″]

5. Get Sufficient Sleep

Well, technically, this isn’t just a grooming tip for facial hair. But it’s as important as anything else. Though it’s hard to get enough sleep due to almost a weeklong Indian wedding ceremony.

At least, a night before the big day, go to bed early and wake up on time to ensure you look and feel well-rested. 

6. Grooming Your Facial Hair

Indian Groom

The trend of men with nicely-cut beards is here to stay. Especially when it comes to your matrimony day. Think about it – here are only a handful of things more buoyant than a groom to be in Indian attire with neatly trimmed facial hair.

So, steal some time from your busy schedule for beard care and use the tips mentioned above to whip that mane into shape and flaunt a flawless look for your winter wedding day.

Visit the Femica website and explore Femica haircare, beard care and Femica skincare products to put the best foot forward. 

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1. When should you get your beard cut before the winter wedding?

If you rock a full beard, get it trimmed about a week before the wedding. Remember to pop back in for a touch-up in the morning or the day before the event. 

Visit your barber two or three days before the wedding if you have shorter facial hair.

2. Can I flaunt a beard on my wedding day?

Absolutely yes! While a clean shave or beard is a dilemma for many grooms, stick to it on your wedding day if you’ve found a look that works for you. 

After all, it’s your day, and the last thing you want is to regret your choice or feel under-confident the entire day.

3. What are the current beard grooming trends?

The prevalent trends include a slight gentle fade, well-trimmed, angular long square shape and sharp tapered beard look for men. Check out Femica.

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