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Rice Water For Hair: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Viral Trend

Want to learn the secret to longer, stronger, and shinier hair that doesn’t cost a bomb?rice water benefits

Kim Kardashian and Cardi B swear by it, and TikTok can’t stop gushing about it. And if you’re wondering what we’re talking about, hop into your kitchen cupboard and take out the food item you cook almost every other day.

Yes, the DIY beauty ingredient that’s climbing the charts is Rice or, to be precise, RICE WATER. It’s being hailed as a miracle ingredient in the world of hair care!

But does it work? 

Well, Femica has delved into the truth behind Internet’s latest obsession to uncover what rice water is, how rice water benefits, and how you can use it.

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What Exactly is Rice Water? 

rice water benefits

If you’re wondering what even rice water is – it’s pretty straightforward – a starchy liquid you get from soaking rice that was brought into the picture by the Japanese court ladies. These ladies used to soak their floor-length hair in fermented rice water, contributing to their gorgeous locks.

So, whether you’re thinking about growing your hair, strengthening them – or even both – rice water is just what you need to make your dreams of gorgeous hair come true. 

Rice water for hair also assists in increasing shine, smoothening locks, detangling strands, and the list are endless. And let’s discover that!  

The Amazing Benefits of Rice Water For Hair 

Healthy Hair

1. Make Your Strands Stronger

The most notable benefit of using rice water is its sincere ability to strengthen your hair, thanks to its high protein margin. 

Just as protein is deemed to be a significant part of maintaining a balanced diet, it also plays a key role in keeping your hair healthy. It supports stronger bonds between individual hair strands, making them less likely to fall out. 

Moreover, proteins have hydrating properties, helping to keep moisture locked into your locks, thus sparing you issues of tangling and frizzing common with dryness. 

2. Grow your Locks 

If you’ve finally given up after shelling out all your money on supplements for hair growth that sadly didn’t give any results you hoped for, how about one last try with a DIY solution? 

Rice water, power-packed with nutrients and vitamins, supports hair growth. It comes with amino acids that promote hair regeneration and vitamins C, B, and E that strengthen the hair shaft, and the stronger the shaft, the longer the hair can grow!

3. Reverses Hygral Fatigue 

Though your hair needs moisture to stay strong, excess moisture can be more harmful than good. Hygral fatigue is the damage caused to your hair follicles by repeated swelling and un-swelling. This takes place when moisture in excess penetrates the hair’s outer layer and reaches the inner cortex. 

With time, Hygral fatigue leads to symptoms like dullness, fizziness, and brittleness. 

Luckily, to rebalance overly moisturised hair (Hygral fatigue), a protein treatment such as rice water rinse has proven effective.  

Convinced? Here’s How You Can Use Rice Water For your Hair

Hair Growth

Since creating rice water for haircare treatment only requires a few ingredients, whipping it up in your space is a no-brainer. Femica brings forth a step-by-step guide on creating rice water for hair growth

Step 1: Gather your ingredients 

To make your rice water, you will need rice – stick with organic rice. You’ll also require a strainer and a bowl to create the recipe. 

Step 2: Wash and soak your rice 

Take a half cup of rice and rinse it well before draining it. Once it’s drained, place it in a bowl with 2 to 3 cups of water and leave it to soak for around 30 minutes. 

Step 3: Ferment your rice water 

Traditionally, Japanese women use fermented rice water that comes with more antioxidants to help with hair damage. So, ferment your rice by letting it soak for two days at room temperature. 

Step 4: Strain your rice 

Be certain to strain your rice using a dry, clean bowl. You can even place it into a Mason Jar or any container to make storage convenient. 

Step 5: Use the rice water 

First, you might want to shampoo your hair. Then, massage the rice water thoroughly into your stands and don’t leave your scalp behind. Once done, leave it for 20 minutes before washing it out and ending your hair-wash regime with conditioning. 

Finally, bask in the glory of improved and natural hair!

Not a DIYer? Try Out These Two Femica Hair Care Products 

Following a DIY rice water route is not meant for everyone; not to worry! 

Femica hair care products ensure that you get the most out of rice water. Below, we’ve rounded up two of our favourite and most effective products with rice ingredient that supports your overall hair wellness. 

    1. WOW Rice Water Shampoo 

WOW Rice water shampoo combines rice extract, lavender essential oil, vitamin E, and Shea Butter which work gently to revive and rejuvenate your scalp. Plus, it helps to strengthen hair strands, fortify weak roots, and infuse hair with moisture and shine. 

A perfect solution to reverse the damage caused to your hair and leave hair looking healthy and luxuriant. 

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   2. WOW Rice Water Hair Mask 

The WOW Rice Water Hair Mask is the best treatment there is! It allows you to give your hair a spa treatment at your place, bringing back life to weaken strands and completely repair damage. It further helps to condition your strands and creates a protective barrier that prevents hair from breaking because of environmental stressors or regular wear and tear.

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A must-have in your hair care arsenal to deliver the best care to your hair! 

Wrapping It Up 

Will rice water do wonders for your hair? Well, to find out, you have to give it a try. 

Rinsing hair in rice water is an ancient hair treatment still popular in Asian regions. Many people have found rice water for hair growth to be beneficial. Anecdotal evidence suggests it improves the texture, growth, and strength of hair. 

So, if you’re ready to try out rice water benefits for yourself, Femica hair care products are here to help. Femica features some of the best products featuring rice water to support your hair care needs. So, without wasting time, head to the Femica website and pick some out today.  

Your luscious locks are waiting to be unravelled!

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1. Is it a good idea to use rice water every day for hair care?

Excessive use of rice water on hair can lead to a buildup of protein and starch on the scalp – this can damage the scalp in the long run and prevent hair regrowth. It is best, therefore, to use it once or twice a week for the best results. 

2. Can you use rice water on oily hair?

Using rice water every ten days helps remove excess moisture and reinforces strength for those with oily or finely thin air. Those with more thicker and coarser hair might need rice water treatment every five days. 

3. How long does the rice water last? 

Ideally, rice water can be stored for up to 24 hours at room temperature and for a week in the refrigerator. After this period, the batch will degrade and not be suitable for use. It is, therefore, recommended to use rice water on the same day or the next or perhaps within a week’s time.

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