Current Date:November 29, 2023

This Festive Season, Fall In Love With Your Hair!

This is that time of the year when all our weekends are jam-packed with functions and festivities. While we are all busy preparing our outfits and looks for all the events, our hairstyling also requires a lot of effort. However, styling our haircare requires us to expose our hair to a lot of heat and chemicals. Whether we want to curl or straighten our hair, every hair styling process involves heat and heat styling.

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Too much exposure to heat along with chemical sprays such as hair setting spray etc. can damage the texture of the haircare and can also lead to breakage and hair loss as these chemicals penetrate into the scalp and hair shaft. Thus, keeping your hair healthy should be one of your top priorities to shine this festive season. Healthy lustrous haircare gives a brighter glow to your look than any kind of hairstyling process.


We have come up with a few simple tips for you to maintain shiny smooth hair all throughout this festive season.

Wash It Right

  • Before washing your hair, use oil to condition it. Apply your favourite oil a couple hours before washing it. Coconut and almond oils, for example, deeply nourish, strengthen and condition your hair.

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Easy Drying

  • Wrap your damp hair in a microfiber towel or a soft cloth as soon as you get out of the shower. These towels/cloths are effective at absorbing water while being gentle on your hair. Unlike big heavy towels, they don’t break the hair.

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Comb It sleek

  • After you apply the conditioner, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your tresses. This practice also helps to spread the conditioner evenly from the mid to the tips of your hair and makes the drying process more convenient.

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