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Guide To Stunning Makeup Look for Diwali You Need To Try This Year

Makeup during the festive season should make you look flawless but also not flashy. To achieve this ideal outcome, the no-makeup makeup look is trending these days. If you have not tried it, maybe it’s time you create this look for one of your upcoming festivities!

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In fact, you can wear this look anywhere and anytime you want! Be it a daytime celebration, a small gathering, or just a family event, mix and match to make it go with any of your outfits. But before you get confused about how to do “makeup” for a “no makeup” look, read this blog to find out how to do it!

 Femica brings you a step-by-step makeup guide to help you get the look right!

Prep the Skin

Having a clean and fresh face is crucial before putting on any makeup. Along with creating a perfect base, this also ensures a good skincare routine. Hence, always prepare your skin first before applying any cosmetics.

Let us look at a few steps to follow for ideal makeup skin.

1. Use Cleanser and Toner

Using face care to prepare your skin for makeup removes dirt, dust, or bacteria. A face cleanser such as Honey Fix Face Cleanser is ideal for any time of the day during the festive season. It comes with the goodness of honey cleans and makes your skin oil free!

Another product for creating a smooth skin base is using a face toner. Wonder how? It mainly tightens the skin and reduces the pore size. For instance, using Radiance Turmeric Hydrating Toner can achieve a clear face due to its richness in turmeric and marigold![wp-shopify-product id=”7702504734971″]

2. Moisturize and oil your skin for a naturally glowing skin

Are you concerned that cleansing your face has left it dry? Do not worry; using Coconut Milk Face Moisturizer will bring back nourishment! It’s a hydrating moisturizer that leaves your skin soft and supple.

Moreover, if you want to add an extra glow to your skin, consider  Rainbow Glow Oil as a healthy makeup base. Remember to use a good-quality makeup blender sponge.[wp-shopify-product id=”6594352513221″]

3. Jazz it up with eye makeup

After getting your skin ready, it is time to bring the best out of those gorgeous eyes. It is one of our most distinguishing features you can’t take for granted. Here are some tips to beautify your eyes:

Apply waterproof kajal like Gel Kajal ( Brown jasper kajal) to gently define your eyes. This eye kajal pencil is relatively easy to use too![wp-shopify-product id=”6593990197445″]

Routines Long Lasting Vegan Liquid Eyeliner can be ideal if you have small eyes. Nothing beats the simple makeup looks that eyeliner gives.

Applying some mascara, such as Lambre Lash Thickening Mascara is one of the most essential eye makeup steps for a flirty chic gaze![wp-shopify-product id=”7692441583867″]

Want to take it a step further? You can go for natural eye makeup that highlights your eyes gently.

Use Organic Eyeshadow Palette (5 shades ) with lovely subtle but festive shades!

4. Aren’t we forgetting the most important of it all?

All the makeup can seem pointless if the lips that do the talking do not shine. To complete your get-up, you can choose Belora Paris  Liquid Matte Lipstick –  Nudie Mystery which goes perfectly with your nude makeup looks.[wp-shopify-product id=”7779258106107″]

This Matte Lipstick is an excellent product of Belora Cosmetics that keeps your lips moist and colourful for long hours!

The last glance

Each one of us is beautiful in our own skin. But adding some colourful and nourishing products used in our lives can be healthy for us too. Not to forget, many people use cosmetics to express themselves. And what best time to find your expression than during festivities?

So go and take care of your skin by using some safe and clinically tested products! What’s stopping you from having some fun?

Explore Femica India to find clean & organic products that suit your needs.


1. What is the importance of cleanser and toner for a no-makeup look?

Including cleanser and toner in your makeup is essential to remove dirt and residual makeup before starting a new look. Moreover, a toner also contracts your skin pore to create a more finished look.

2. How can I achieve glowy skin for a no-makeup look?

Using glow oil or vitamin e oil before makeup can help you achieve naturally glowing skin!

3. What shade and type of lipstick go best with a makeup to look?

Usually, nude shades or subtle shades of pink give a very natural look. However, you can also rock a lip balm for the same!

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