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Easy Hairstyles That Go With All Ethnic Outfits This Wedding Season 

Ah! No time of the year comes close to the jolly wedding season. The rigorous preparations in full force, the much-anticipated reunions and gatherings, the one-of-their-kind, ornate decorations, and of course, the glitz and glamour of unique ethnic outfits!

However, as easy as it is to don in an ethnic gown, lehenga choli, or the quintessential salwar kameez, completing the look with a matching hairstyle calls for a delicate balance.

Running out of ideas for hairstyles for women that spruce up the ethnic look? Listed below are easy styles to try out this season.

hairstyles for wedding

1. Messy top-knot

A Deepika Padukone-favourite, the messy top-knot or bun screams more than just the classic, “messy hair, don’t care”. Even the so-called “messiness” has an art attached to it. Creating an elegant look, the messy bun goes well with almost every ethnic ensemble, especially those involving heavy necklines.

By getting the hair out of the way, so to say, you keep it all-clear for the outfit to get the spotlight it deserves! The look can be further adorned with embellished clips and hair pins.

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2. Fishtail braids

Perhaps the outfit portrays a “simple and sophisticated elegance” look. In this case, you can go a little creative with the hairdo. Nothing better than a micro-accent fishtail braid if your hair is medium to long.

Though a little complex and intricate, this is among those cute hairstyles that can easily solve all your styling dilemmas. And the best part is that you can add trinkets in the form of floral hair pins into the braids to take the look further up a notch.

3. Classic low bun

Stepping out in six yards of grace? Then, nothing pairs well with a saree than a classic low-bun! This hairdo is also a much-needed break from the more modernistic styles.

If you wish to gussy up further, wear a gajra woven using traditional, white jasmine flowers or introduce a pop of colour (to match the saree) with roses, barlerias, and crossandras. Moreover, since you can seldom go wrong with this hairstyle, use it to jazz up an Anarkali look or Sharara look too!

4. Half-up half-down

There are always times when you’re running late, and you just don’t have the time to apply many hair styling products or experiment with fancy and complicated hairdos. For all those occasions, the Bohemian half-up, half-down will be your saviour. [wp-shopify-product id=”7752207204603″]

Another incredible thing about this hairstyle is that it is suitable for hair of all lengths and looks just as charming on curly hair as on straight and wavy hair. By pinning the upper half and allowing the rest to flow freely, you’ll create the right contrast for a flowing Anarkali gown or a tunic paired with flair pants!

5. Sky-high ponytail

In case you’re wondering about the easiest ethnic-friendly hairdo out there, then there’s no competition for the sky-high, slightly messy ponytail. This hairstyle is especially suitable for short to medium-length wavy or straight hair.

Since it’s a pretty basic and simple hairdo, you can match it with a gown featuring intricate embroidery or a Sharara and Kurti look with lots of dazzling embellishments.

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