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Serums for glowing skin

Let’s Serum it Up for Glowing Skin the Bridal Way

Wedding season is here and you are the bride-to-be! You want to ensure your skin glows on your big day. Just like all other preparations, your skin must also prep in advance. 

Glowing skin

It’s time to adopt an effective skin care routine and follow through.

Face serums are your best friend when it comes to glowing skin. With ingredients like glycerine and aloe vera, you’ll have radiant, glowing skin in no time. Read ahead to learn the top 7 face serums for your bridal skin care.

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1. Make Vitamin C your Best Friend

Vitamin C is food for the skin. It helps your skin absorb and in reducing hyperpigmentation. 

A Vitamin C serum is one of the safest and most effective skin care products. [wp-shopify-product id=”7771526496507″]

Start your journey with the Detoxie Fatigue & Stress Repair Vitamin C face Serum which comes with natural ingredients like Japanese Matcha and Ashwagandha. It is also paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Now that’s everything you want in a serum!

2. No Tan, Only Ubtan

Ubtan is the traditional beauty skin care secret of India. An Ubtan mix is usually made up of milk, saffron, turmeric, and rose water. [wp-shopify-product id=”7870333681915″]

Advocated as one of the most worthwhile natural skin care products, you can never go wrong with an Ubtan serum. 

The WOW Skin Science Ubtan Face Serum is an excellent recommendation in this category. Get rid of your tan and bring back that radiant glow right before your wedding!

3. Say Kumkum-adios to Acne

The stress of the wedding season takes a toll on your skin. And acne can make a comeback during this time. Face serums with Kumkumadi enrich your skin with their anti-inflammatory properties and send acne flying out.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7848780464379″]

The Tjori Kumkumadi Face Serum is a great place to start if you haven’t explored the benefits of turmeric-based Kumkumadi.

Glowing bridal skin needs a simple skin care routine with natural ingredients.

4. Abide by Niacinamide

Whoever said chemicals are all harmful was wrong. Everything around us is chemistry!

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 which helps with skin lightening, pore tightening and building keratin. All this in just 12 weeks!

Niacinamide is the fast track to glowing skin when used moderately in your face skin care.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7817846685947″]

The Hyperpigmentation Control Face Serum by Chemist at Play comes with 5% niacinamide. – just enough to control your hyperpigmentation and retrieve a natural glow.

5. Don’t Fear, Try Something Sheer

One of the perils of a bride-to-be is the feeling of getting old. While your wedding may be the new exciting step in life, you realise life has passed. 

But your skin doesn’t have to reflect this.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7850458611963″]

With the Face Serum, youthful and radiant skin is just one step away. The glycolic acid helps improve your skin elasticity and collagen production.

6. Opt for a Platinum Glow

Well, everyone wants that golden glow. But have you heard of a platinum-like glow? 

The Saffire S7 Platinum serum gives you one solution for seven skin care problems. Get rid of those unnecessary skin care products stacked on your shelf. Your skin care routine is complete with just one natural product. [wp-shopify-product id=”7453124788475″]

The black currant seed oil gives you the omega-3 your skin has been craving amidst all the sleepless nights.

7. Accessorise With Some Gold

Face serums with 24K gold particles are here to save you from expensive parlour facial trips. Get a gold facial-like shine with your daily beauty skin care regime.

Best serums for glowing skin

Get your hands on these face serums that assurances results. With 100% natural ingredients, you can glow like gold!

The Bottomline

With the mixed emotions your skin experiences during the wedding season, face serums are your best friend. Most of these natural skin care products help you achieve flawless and healthy skin effectively.

If you’re a bride-to-be, it’s time to take your face skin care seriously.

It’s not too late to build your simple skin care regimen. Take a look at the Femica skincare products category and start immediately!


1. How Can I Incorporate Face Serums into My Skin Care Routine?

You can safely apply face serums twice a day. Incorporate them into your skin care regimen and apply them gently after washing your face with a cleanser.

2. What Is the Price for Serums in India?

Femica skincare products include serums starting as low as Rs. 250. Your simple skin care routine is super affordable too.

3. Can I Use Serums on Sensitive Skin?

Yes, you can especially use natural-ingredient serums on all types of skin. However, it is helpful to undertake a patch test before making it a staple in your skin care routine.

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