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women shaving

First Time Shaving? Here’s What Every Woman Needs to Know

When it comes to body hair, there are often two groups of people: those who prefer shaving their body hair and those who are highly confident when it comes to wearing their natural hair. For either category, it is okay and normal to choose any one. However, if you belong to the former camp and are considering shaving your body hair but are apprehensive about it, you have come to the right place. Read on for a primer on everything related to shaving, from learning the art of shaving to choosing the right Femica women shaving products to make the process easier.


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But First, Exfoliate!

Try to exfoliate before or after shaving. It is usually suggested to exfoliate before you start shaving as it will aid in removing any dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and allow the razor to glide smoothly. [wp-shopify-product id=”7848779415803″]

You can use a gentle body scrub from Femica India for better exfoliation. You can apply it all over your body and scrub gently in a circular motion to eliminate dead skin cells. Pro tip: invest in a body loofah or a bath sponge to aid in the process of exfoliation.

Say Hello to Your Shaving Gel

After you have prepped your skin with all the exfoliation, you can begin shaving your body hair. Before starting, make sure to lather on a shaving gel. [wp-shopify-product id=”7691071783163″]

A shaving gel serves as an additional layer of defence for the skin. It also prevents any irritation or shaving bumps.

Pick the Right Razor

You must pick the right shaving razor to achieve that flawless, smooth look. Most shaving razors last between seven to ten shaves. You can also choose between a disposable razor and a reusable one. Before using either, ensure that your razor blade is sharp and clean. [wp-shopify-product id=”7691071586555″]

If your blade starts to feel rough on your skin, it is time for you to replace it. 

After you are done shaving, make sure to clean your razor with water and let it air dry completely. Store it in a dry place, away from moisture. 

A Moisturizer is Your Best Friend

You would think that you’re good to go once you’re done shaving. But to get that smooth, bump-free shave, you also need to take care of your skin after shaving. Pat your skin dry and turn to your favourite body moisturizer. [wp-shopify-product id=”7777193394427″]

Applying a body moisturizer all over your body after shaving will prevent any irritation to your skin. It will leave your skin feeling very healthy and hydrated. 

To Sum Up

Shaving comes with its fair share of apprehensions and concerns, but armed with the proper technique and products, the process will be a breeze. Shaving your body hair with the help of a razor is not only pain–free and effortless but also convenient and saves time! Having said that, remember that shaving is not a necessity; it is a choice. Browse through and pick from a wide range of shaving essentials and other beauty products from Femica India, and you’re good to go!

women shaving

1. Does shaving make hair grow back thicker?

This is probably your primary concern about shaving; however, this popular conception of shaving is just a myth! It is only a perception that shaving makes hair thicker. In reality, it does not. Only your genetics and hormones determine the rate and volume of hair growth in your body. As your hair grows back after shaving, the blunt ends make it appear thicker than other hair removal methods where hair is removed from the bud. 

2. How to avoid post-shave irritation?

Having sensitive skin or using too much pressure on your skin through the shaving razor blade might result in post-shave irritation. To avoid shaving bumps, make sure you use a good shaving gel. Also, remember to moisturize your skin with a body moisturizer right after shaving. Moisturization is an essential step in your shaving routine, which will make your skin feel hydrated and prevent any irritation.

3. Should I exfoliate before or after shaving?

According to many experts and dermatologists worldwide, it is best to exfoliate before shaving. Exfoliating your skin with a good body scrub will make sure to remove all the dead cells from your skin and will leave your skin feeling super silky and smooth. Try Femica India’s gentle body scrub for a better shaving experience and to ace the art of shaving.

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