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Make Chocolate Day More Exciting Than Just Eating Chocolates with This Valentine’s Day Guide

Do you already sense the love and romance in the air? We are sure you already can. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and everyone can feel the love. The beauty of the day is obvious since this is the most beloved month of the year! 

chocolate day

You have the perfect opportunity to win your sweetheart’s heart and strengthen your relationship on this day with some lovely Valentine’s Day gifts. To make it easy as pie, we have some Valentine’s Day offers at your disposal! Not to mention, you can now browse through Femica’s range of Beauty Products for him and her. 

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Since many people mistakenly believe that Chocolate Day is just another day for chocolates, Femica brings to you a fantastic guide to make Chocolate Day even more memorable. We hope you like our ‘save the date’ ideas!

1. Prepare Delectable Chocolates at Home 

valentine chocolate

We all either get chocolates from our loved ones or buy them, right? This time, make it more personalized by giving your loved ones a special homemade Valentine’s chocolate box by baking them some. There is nothing more meaningful than giving a present that has a special meaning to you. Create some enticing chocolates for your significant other and mould them into different sizes and shapes. We assure you that your loved one will cherish the memory forever.

2. Get Them an Irresistible Chocolate Hamper

valentines chocolate covered strawberries

You must not have come across even one person who despises chocolate. Perhaps people aren’t supposed to dislike chocolate. Therefore, surprising your beloved with an exquisite chocolate day combo on the chocolate day is probably a great decision. Additionally, if you want to add a little cheer, you might select a customised chocolate gift basket for your beloved.

The value of the chocolates is simply doubled by a chocolate box bearing their names and images. To make it even more romantic, you can add Valentine’s chocolate-covered strawberries to the hamper. 

3. Throw an Awesome Chocolate Themed Party

valentine day rose day chocolate day

Well, if you are a serious Valentine’s Day enthusiast, this idea might be your ideal scenario. It’s fun to host a Valentine’s Day party, but how about a chocolate-themed gathering this time? You did hear us correctly. This Valentine’s Day, host a chocolate-themed party with your friends if you want to try something different. Moreover, sending them a chocolate bar invitation could prove exciting. You can try making a chocolate-themed decoration, and also create an extensive menu full of chocolate recipes. 

4. Book a Soothing Chocolate Spa

save the date ideas - chocolate day

So, have you ever visited a spa? Aren’t those absolutely soothing? Indeed, they are. Take your beloved to a chocolate spa instead this time, and we assure you that you will receive many hugs and kisses in return. Yes, chocolates are high in antioxidants and are extremely healthy and beneficial to the skin. In actuality, chocolates make you younger. You did hear us correctly. Since chocolate increases the amount of elastin and collagen in our skin, it slows the ageing process. Do you now understand why it’s inappropriate to dislike chocolate?

Therefore, this chocolate day brings so much more than just giving and receiving chocolates and brings out all the essence of the special day! You can browse through the extensive range of Femica’s Beauty Products to learn more about skincare. We are also providing special Valentine’s Day offers! 

5. Make a Visit to an Exotic Chocolate Museum

valentine chocolate

This is the perfect day to retract your golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! There is no better day than Chocolate Day to visit a museum and learn about the history and production of chocolate. A trip to a location with a variety of mouthwatering chocolates would be like a dream come true. 

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1. What gifts will you recommend for Chocolate and Valentine’s Day? 

Femica has curated a lovely range of Valentine’s Day Offers just for you. You can check out some beauty products for all skin types. We also have skincare gift packs within an affordable range along with the Femica Makeup Combo

2. What other unique ideas can you suggest for Chocolate Day? 

You can always kick off the day by making a cup of hot chocolate for your sweetheart. You can also secretly put some rose day messages under their pillow or on the fridge. If your partner is a huge fan of chocolate, gift them a tasty and good-looking chocolate bouquet!

3. When is Chocolate Day this year? 

Chocolate Day falls on February 9th. However, these ideas serve the purpose throughout Valentine’s week!

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