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teddy bear day

Are You All Set With Your Teddy Day Preparations?

No, it’s not your partner’s birthday nor your anniversary or valentines day, but it’s important! If you are among those who ask, “when is teddy day?”, boy, we are glad we caught you before your partner did!

teddy bear day

Embrace the spirit of love and romance in the air and celebrate teddy bear day on Feb 10th. It’s a day reserved for exchanging cute teddies that symbolise warmth, comfort and adoration! Big, small and everything in between- a cute teddy bear gifted to your significant other will provide solace and remind them of you! So, it’s time to bring out the big guns and come up with great valentines day ideas for teddy day!

While gifting a teddy bear is a given, you can surprise your partner by giving them Valentine’s Day gifts from Femica! We love love- so as valentine’s day specials, we are running promotions on selected products!

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Don’t fret! We’ll help you set up a romantic teddy day celebration, perfect to sweep your partner off their feet! You can thank us later!

1. Go BIG Or You Might Not Go Home

Nope, not kidding!

cute teddy bear

If your first thought after looking at this picture is, “damn, that’s impractical”, you need our help! Life-size teddy bears have always been a symbol of love and are sure to light up your partner’s face- especially when they aren’t expecting it.

It will show your partner the abundance of love you have for them and that you would do anything to put a smile on their face.  

Voila! A romantic teddy day for two!

2. The Couple That Preps Together…

valentines day ideas for

…stays together! You know what they say- a way to a person’s heart is through their belly.

Cooking is the purest form of love. What better way to celebrate teddy bear day, than by whipping up a romantic dinner for two? If you aren’t any good at it, don’t worry! Femica believes that cooking is better as a couple. Take the help of your partner, and unwind together by making your favourite meal.

You can cap the evening off with some cute teddy bear cookies or even a teddy bear cake! A perfect teddy day date is on the cards. BRB, drooling!

3. Unleash Your Inner Bob the Builder

romantic teddy day

Because anything handmade is a thousand times better!

When you make something, you put your heart, soul and all your love into it. That’s why handcrafted gifts are always appreciated. This valentines day, you can BYOB- Build Your Own Bear!

Better yet, you can get the raw materials and build two bears together! It’s a fun activity with a wonderful memoir to gift in the end. A teddy day date– can you imagine?!

teddy day date

A Femica tip: Upgrade your bears by adding customised voice notes inside! Now, every time your partner hugs the bear, he’ll relay your message to her. It can be anything from I love you, to an inside joke between the two of you! The choices are endless. Isn’t this a fun valentines day idea for teddy day?

4. Thinking Out of the Box is the Key

We’ll be honest. Not everyone enjoys a teddy bear, especially, when you aren’t 10 years old!

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate teddy day! You can give other valentine’s day gifts like plushies of their favourite characters, hello kitty merch or even pillows with your face. Anything goes as long as it’s soft, cuddly and oh-so-cute!

teddy bear day

Pair your plushies up with Valentine’s day specials, i.e, chocolates and flowers and you are good to go!

If you want to pull all stops, you can gift them non-toxic and cruelty-free skincare and makeup products from Femica! We are running valentine’s day offers on select products and combos, making them the perfect valentine’s day gifts! Our Valentine’s day specials include makeup essentials, grooming tools, skincare must-haves and more.

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To conclude, you know your partner best. You can either give them a simple teddy bear with a heartfelt card or do the whole work! Ultimately, in this season of love, it’s important to spend time together and reignite your passion for each other.


1. Is it okay to give my boyfriend a teddy bear?

Of course, men deserve to be loved and pampered. Gift-giving is a great way to express your intimate feelings and emotions. Cute teddy bears are some of the best gifts you can present to the man of your dreams!

2. We both don’t like soft toys. Is there any other way to celebrate Teddy Day?

People celebrate teddy day to communicate the love and adoration they feel towards their partners. You can do so even without teddy bears. Go on a picnic together or simply relax at home with a movie!

3. When is Teddy day and what are the days after it?

Teddy day is celebrated on the 10th of February, followed by Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally, valentines day! Shop valentine’s day specials and valentine’s day gifts from Femica.

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