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How to Say I Love You in the Most Romantic Languages

Whether you’re looking for a way to express your love for a special someone or simply want to spread some kindness, saying “I love you” in different languages can be a wonderful way to express your love. This Valentine week, find the ways you can enjoy a happy Valentine’s Day by saying the language of your loved one.

It’s remarkable how much you can discover about a culture by observing how people communicate. There is always a phrase or word that doesn’t exist in other languages or that, in the context of that specific culture, looks unique.

happy valentines day

A happy Valentine’s Day to all those couples who are from different cultures and are starting to learn their beloved’s mother tongue. From knowing how to say I love you in French to knowing how to say I love you in Spanish, here’s a list of some of the most popular words of affection from around the world. 

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Read more to know the different ways, people express their love –

1. Japanese: Aishiteru

The Japanese phrase for “I love you” is “Aishiteru.”  This phrase is commonly used among family, friends, and romantic couples. It’s important to remember that “Aishiteru” is quite a formal way of expressing love, so it’s best reserved for very special occasions or relationships.

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2. How To Say ‘I Love You’ In French 

What better language to begin our list of passionate things than French? Paris is a popular destination for people looking to find love. In French, the phrase “I love you” translates to “Je t’aime.” 

how to say 'I love you' in French


3. Spanish: Te Amo

Spanish speakers have a great deal of passion. Their food is full of passion, and you can hear it in the music and see it in the dances, like the salsa. The Spanish phrase for “I love you” is “Te Amo.” You might say “Te amo para siempre” if you wish to include your love in the word “forever.” Now you have the answer to ‘How to say I love you in Spanish?’

How To Say I Love You In Spanish

4. Dutch: Ik hou van jou

In Dutch, the phrase for “I love you” is “Ik hou van jou.” This phrase is most often used to express romantic love, but it is also appropriate to use with family members and close friends.

Valentine Day

5. German: Ich liebe dich

Contrary to the popular belief of Germans and German language is rough and tough they do fall in love and hopelessly too! The German phrase for “I love you” is “Ich liebe dich.” This phrase is most often used to express romantic love. You never know when you might meet the love of your life in the streets of Berlin.

I Love You

6. Italian: Ti amo

Now let’s talk about the language that Casanova himself spoke, Italian, which is often regarded as the genuine language of love. The Italian phrase for ‘I love you’ is ‘Ti Amo’ pronounced as ‘teh-mo’. Beware of the Italians; once they use their charm, there’s no way you will get out of it without losing your heart. 

Valentine Week

7. Korean: Saranghae

We do not doubt that you already know the Korean language phrase for “I love you,” which is Saranghae! Yes, we too picked up a few phrases while we binged on the cliched K-dramas. The reply to your confession would probably be “Judo sarang haeyo” which means ‘I love you too.’ Congratulations!

Korean Language

8. Arabic: Ana Bahebak

Around 200 million people speak Arabic, which has a long history and rich culture. “Ana bahebak”  are the magical words you should use if you have fallen in love with any Arabic-speaking person. It is pronounced “a-na ba-he-back”. 

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We have now covered all the many ways to express your love. Why not learn the entire language if you truly want to wow your significant other?

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1. Is self-love a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Self-love is not selfish, we cannot say it any louder. This Valentine’s Day, we would like you to treat yourself to anything your heart has been desiring, be it a new dress or just a bold shade of lipstick. If it is lipstick or any kind of makeup, we can help you by letting you know of the Femica Valentine’s Day offers.

2. Is it important to learn your loved one’s language?

Yes! At least a few expressions that hold special meaning in your lives should be learned. 

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