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how to get out of the friend zone

How to Avoid Being Friend-Zoned This Valentine’s Day

Are you the one whose relationship status seldom moves out of “It’s complicated?” Do you generally fall into situationships that go nowhere? Does there seem to be no end to your ‘Infatuation’ misery?

Then you’re dealing with problems more serious than the economic crisis and climate change, especially since Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Friend Zoned

The friend zone is proof that nightmares do come true. They are terrible places to be in when you’d rather share a romantic relationship with someone. And more so because we live in a cruel world where some women are experts at leading a man to a dead end!

Femica India wants to help you avoid being friend-zoned so you can confidently ask someone, “Will you be my Valentine?” 

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Listed below are the most common types of friend zones and ways to steer clear of them.

1. The Supersonic Friend Zone (Perhaps the Miserable One Out There!)

Friend Zone

How do you know you’re resting (rather miserably) in this zone? When you know a girl who already has her special Valentine, and shares every detail of their relationship with you. She feels comfortable talking to you about the ups and downs of her love life – from how her boyfriend mistreats her to how he showers her with gifts.

You’re the good guy expected to listen to all of this and offer your opinion (or, worse yet, advice!). There’s a special friend zone meme for guys who hold feelings for such a girl, only to be the third wheel in her relationship.

2. The Bro-friend Zone for Those Whose Inner Beauty Failed to Captivate the Heart

Proposal Ideas

Also known as the “Bhaifriend” zone, girls reserve an area for those guys whose personalities they love but not so much their looks. You’ve managed to earn the girl’s trust, and when you feel like things could go forward, you realise she can’t look past the skin.

She will continue spending time with you and even discuss her love interests, but the minute you dare disclose your feelings, you risk hearing those bone-chilling words – “But, you’re like a brother to me!” That’s the time to crush those flowers, eat those chocolates, and forget about good proposal ideas!

3. The Digital Friend Zone Because All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Friend Zoned

Already found your relatable friend zone? Don’t worry! Femica India also has ways to avoid getting into any. But first, let’s continue with our list – this third category is again a terrible one indeed.

The social media or digital friend zone is reserved for those guys the girl finds good enough to chat with (sometimes all day) but never good enough for a one-on-one meeting. The victim slides into her DMs. The two seem to get along so well; they share the minutest details of their lives, but whenever you suggest a meet-up, she suddenly goes offline, and probably never returns. 

4. The ‘Waiting for the Impossible to Happen’ Friend Zone

Valentine Week

Ah, Femica believes this one is perhaps the most bitter-sweet of the friend zone list. You two have met (still do frequently), there’s a solid connection, the equation seems perfect, and you’ve expressed your desire for a relationship.

Now it seems, you’re out with proposal ideas, but the girl does not budge from her ‘wait for it’ stand. The mirror reveals a classic victim who might wait for eternity for the girl to say a “yes”.

5. The ‘I Need Your Help’ Zone for Guys Who Are Too Sweet

Be my valentine

Well, this is indeed true that girls put only those guys in their friend zone who are too good and kind. Herein is where the classic ‘I need your help’ zone branches out.

There is this girl you like, and you would do anything for her (and you always do), and that’s where the equation goes wrong. You’ve allowed the girl to view you as her ‘serviceman.’ No wonder she always pops in with some small talk followed by the infamous, “I need some help or money” for a matter of fact.

Forget about asking, “Will you be my Valentine?” until you get out of this situationship. 

Practical Ways to Avoid the Friend Zone

the friend zone

Now that we’ve discussed the different kinds of friend zones that exist, let’s see how to get out of the friend zone this Valentine’s Day (especially when there’s a girl you like!).

  •  Give her subtle hints at first but don’t be too vocal about it. Remember, the more often you tell her, the less seriously she will take you.
  • Let her understand that you have more options (even if you don’t). Girls are usually attracted to guys who have other women swooning over them.
  • Be a little mysterious and unpredictable. Don’t let her have you all figured out!
  • Create clear boundaries. Femica India recommends not discussing aspects of her life that may be too personal. These include her current relationships, exes, etc. Do not try to be her BFF!
  • Seek clarity and be adamant about it. If you like her and are interested in more than friendship, tell her and give her only two options – yes or no. You can give her time to think, but anything more, you’ll find yourself stuck in the friend zone.

Apply these tips well on how to get out of the friend zone, and the next thing you know, you should be searching for the best Valentine’s gifts this season!

Femica India Will Help You Get Out of Her Friend Zone!

Friend Zoned

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Then you must start hunting for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your beloved!


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Make the best impression with these top grooming products – shaving kit, beard oil, hair clipper, deodorant, shampoo, and a good conditioner.

2. What are some of her best Valentine’s Day gifts? 

Some top Valentine’s Day gifts for her include a makeup gift basket, a skincare kit, a hair care kit, flowers and chocolates, or even a giant teddy bear.

3. What are some good Valentine’s Day proposal ideas?

Some good Valentine’s Day proposal ideas include asking the big question with sweets, making a sweet breakfast proposal, leaving a trail of roses, booking a jeweller’s appointment, and planning a movie night.

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