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The 9 Best Diwali Makeup Looks You Need to Try this year

The 9 Best Diwali Makeup Looks You Need to Try this year

It is the most sparkling time of the year! Diwali is finally here, which means time to prep for many pujas, parties, and gatherings. You might have picked up the broom to wipe off all the dirt and dust from your home to hang those glistening lights. Or you might be done with home cleaning and focusing on shopping – getting your outfits together with matching traditional jewels. Because let’s be honest, Diwali is a license to go bold, extreme, and beaming. Explore Femica India to find clean & organic makeup products that suit your needs.

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However, what about your festive makeup as you are ready with your gorgeous dresses? Pretty sure you haven’t spared much thought to your makeup. Whether you are hosting a card party or hopping to three different gatherings, you need a look that complements your festive attire to make the perfect statement and grab some eyeballs.

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Don’t worry! We have got your back.

You’ll find a tonne of expert advice that will help you create a swoon-worthy look throughout this article, along with some lust-worthy product suggestions that will help you steal the spotlight!

1. Moisturizer is a Must

No matter the makeup look you aim for, moisturization is a must.

A face moisturizer will act as a barrier for your other beauty products and make their application super easy for you.

The Fagel Instant Glow Beauty Gel, which keeps skin refreshed, regenerated, and soothed, is our top pick in this category. As a result of the anti-inflammatory properties of Basil, Turmeric, and Cucumber, free radical deterioration is prevented, revealing a soft, luscious, and youthful-looking canvas to apply makeup.[wp-shopify-product id=”7681610154235″]

2. Patting In the Primer

Under foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, nail polish, and even lipsticks, makeup primers can help provide a smooth layer that aids in keeping your festive makeup in place throughout Diwali night.

You may harness the potent Amethyst stone powder’s healing, calming, and detoxifying properties by using Gush Beauty’s Glow Getter Primer, available at a feasible price at Femica’s Diwali sale. It contains Niacinamide, a potent nutrient that instantly illuminates and gradually reveals softer, brighter skin.[wp-shopify-product id=”7625110126843″]

Berry blend in this primer makeup product moisturizes, safeguards, and smoothens out skin tone while illuminating pearls, minimises pores and adds radiance.

3. Wing It and Forget It!

Complement your intense Diwali night look with dramatic eyes using the most well-liked and adaptable cosmetic tool present in everybody’s makeup kit – eyeliner. A simple eye makeup product can be used in various ways, from liquid eyeliner styles to seductive and smeared. And rightly so! You can apply eyeliner in several ways, allowing you to try a new coloured pencil and finally perfect the curve of that wing.

With a silky, intensely pigmented consistency that applies smoothly, the Aegte Liquid Eyeliner will always have your back while you enjoy the Diwali night party.[wp-shopify-product id=”7678491623675″]

Design intricate visual effects or a timeless feline wing that lasts at least 24 hours.

4. Hydrated, Glowing Skin is Always In

Skin tints are an adaptable treatment that does two things at once: treat your skin problems and hide any blemishes under light makeup looks. Plus, they help you get a luminous glow under the bright Diwali lights.

For a glossy, “no-makeup” appearance this festive season, Just Herbs’ Skin Tint is the ideal addition to your vanity. Moreover, this tinted moisturizer is available in 12 hues.[wp-shopify-product id=”7681611661563″]

While it is meant for light makeup looks and doesn’t cover or conceal as foundations do, it offers moderate coverage and minimises skin flaws like lines and wrinkles, scars, and pores to give you a beautiful “no-makeup” effect.

5. Dust some Blush Over Those Cheeks!

If there is one item that suits the silky, natural-looking qualities of cream formulae, it would have to be cream blush, that cheery pop of colour we all love and adore. An excellent cream blush produces a youthful sheen that complements your traditional outfit and makes you look more attractive.

The organic lip and cheek moisturizer from Aegte will hydrate and feed your lips and cheeks! The lip balm smoothly melts and spreads across the skin for a healthy flush.[wp-shopify-product id=”7678491295995″]

Thanks to this silky cheek tint, your lips and cheeks will have the ideal flash of rosy pink. The balm is crafted using tomato and beetroot pigments to brighten and hydrate lips and cheeks.

6. One Swipe for Cosy, Kissable Lips!

The eye-catching lipstick colour is a must-have for every vanity! Lipstick is a quick way to feel more alluring, whether you choose modest neutral lipsticks or an enticing hot pink colour.

You can munch that doughnut and dance without care because Gush Beauty’s PlayPaint won’t budge throughout the Diwali night. Fear not! You can choose from 5 distinct matte lipstick shades designed to look good on any Indian complexion.[wp-shopify-product id=”7625098985723″]

If you’re a fan of bullet lipsticks, you have nothing to lose with the lovely pink hue, Spring, from BlushBee’s lipstick line! Your pout will look nourished, thanks to BlushBee’s velvety, matte lipstick colour, which marries elegance and comfort to complete your perfect Diwali look.

7. Washing it All Off

A must-have for multipurpose facial care, micellar water soothes and purifies the skin after your intense makeup look. It is one of the essential face cleansing steps because, in addition to being incredibly mild on the barrier that guards your skin, it also draws dirt, impurities, and other toxins to the skin’s surface.

The BlushBee Organic Micellar Water infused with Aloe Vera extracts and castor oil enriches your skin and works well for all skin types. It is a gentle cleaner that effectively removes makeup while also adding skin hydration, toning, and soothing skin damaged by pollution.[wp-shopify-product id=”7674906116347″]

Wake up and Makeup!

Let’s be honest; everyone would like to look their best. And nothing is wrong with it!

Diwali is not only about twinkling houses, traditional outfits, and embellished diyas but also mastering that makeup look.

Well, don’t fret anymore. If you’re reading this, you now know the correct sequence to apply your makeup to create a quick, easy regimen for achieving the perfect makeup look, whether it’s to go for a subtle sheen or full-out glitter.

Why not pick up some of the supplies needed to apply makeup flawlessly now that you understand how to do it? Femica offers a broad range of items, from inexpensive to luxury beauty products. For additional details, browse Femica, add items to your cart, and make the most of the Diwali sale!

 Femica brings you a step-by-step makeup guide to help you get the look right!


1. Is makeup primer essential?

Primer makeup serves as a protective layer for the skin and is crucial to making your makeup last. The final appearance is perfect when using primers that offer both care and hydrating advantages.

2. Is it acceptable to use makeup every day?

Using makeup and experimenting with various makeup looks every day are acceptable as long as you select high-quality cosmetics suited to your skin type. In fact, it might even help your skin look better.

3. Can you use cream blush on top of powder makeup?

Avoid applying a gel or cream blush on top of powdered makeup because this might make it look smudged and messy. This implies that a powder foundation and a powder blush must always be used together. Conversely, creams can be effectively used over liquid or cream formulae as well as on bare, fresh skin.

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